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Don’t Face That Electrical Emergency Alone

Facing an unexpected electrical failure without the help of an experienced electrician can pose serious hazards to property and life. It can potentially create a destructive effect. The electrical systems of a home are not something to take lightly. Hiring the trusted professionals from PC Electric for emergency electrical service will ensure a reliable, safe return to operation.

Call a Qualified Electric Professional in an Emergency

Electrical emergencies do not pop up only in inclement weather; they can happen right at dinner time or late at night when it is cold and wet outside. The electrical system of a home or business is a serious matter. It can be dangerous to attempt to repair electrical problems without knowledge and experience. Our qualified emergency electricians have the training, experience, and equipment to meet every electrical service need. You can depend on PC Electric for emergency electrical service repair.

No matter the complexity of your electrical emergency, our professional team at PC Electric offers a prompt response and high-quality service. Nearly everything in your home and work place today is run on electricity. From the water heater to the outlet where the laptop and printer are plugged into the wall, there can always be a surprise. Calling the PC Electric’s team of emergency electricians can help keep the water heater and that laptop running.

Common Emergency Electrical Services

As soon as the team of emergency electricians arrives at the property, the electrician will evaluate the situation and provide a solution that will get the electricity on and back up to code. The electricians are available to ready for your type of critical emergency.

Most common Emergency Repair addresses:

  • Electrical systems damage evaluation
  • Outlet and switch repair or replacement
  • Troubleshooting for any short circuit
  • Servicing an outage
  • Electrical wiring repairs
  • Equipment repair and reconditioning
  • Troubleshooting high voltage electrical systems
  • Breaker box repair or replacement
  • Wiring and circuit breaker panel replacement
  • Surge protector panel repair or upgrade

What To Expect from Emergency Electrical Repair

When an outage occurs, utility companies begin restoration of service as quickly as possible. They will leave a message on their telephone service if several homes are affected. If your home is the only home without electrical power, you need to call PC Electric. While waiting for the electrician, follow these safety tips to keep the occupants of the home safe.

  • Use flashlights and battery-powered radios
  • If you choose to light candles, do not leave the room and keep children and pets away from the flame
  • Turn off all electrical equipment that was being used before the outage occurred. Leave a light on to signal when the electricity is turned back on
  • Do not touch any exposed wires on the property or fallen electrical lines
  • Use generators with caution. (Do not operate them within the confines of the house or garage)

PC Electric has a team of leading emergency electricians that provide reliable service for both commercial and residential electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. Each job is handled with care by a knowledgeable electrician who offers consistent, punctual, high service standards. PC Electric personnel has the experience to help with any electrical emergency. For dependable electrical repair services, call PC Electric’s team of professionals at 503-538-6033.

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