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LED lighting has become very popular in the lighting market for both homes and businesses. One main reason is because LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient. They use 90% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They also provide better lighting, reduce the risk of fires, and last longer. PC Electric is proud to offer professional LED lighting for businesses.

What is LED Lighting?

In an LED lighting system, the bulbs rely on”light-emitting diodes” to emit light. LEDs are a semiconductor, so when an electrical current passes through, a light is produced. LED bulbs can be screwed in to existing fixtures and they come in a wide range of styles, lifespans, and temperatures like a traditional incandescent bulb.

What Are the Advantages of LED Bulbs?

Like previously mentioned, LED bulbs are are very energy-efficient, but they come with several more benefits. Below are more advantages to having an LED lighting system.

  • They run on low voltage
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They can be connected through WiFi and blutetooth making them customizable
  • The bulbs don’t get hot like traditional incandescent bulbs
  • They instantly turn on unlike traditional lighting

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Commercial LED Lighting Installation

For many years, PC Electric has worked diligently with our clients to make sure that LED lighting installation is simple and effective. The first step is providing a customized plan that includes an evaluation and recommendations. By delivering a three-dimensional blueprint for each company, there are never any questions or problems to troubleshoot. End results bring measurable business improvements. Instead of pushing unnecessary extras, PC Electric meets the unique needs of commercial clients in an effective and affordable manner.

LED Lighting System Upgrade

After the initial installation, a business will need to maintain and upgrade lighting so that maximum efficiency is achieved. With PC Electric, an LED lighting electrician will help a company uncover the newest technology so that operation costs are reduced. Throughout the transition, older systems are replaced with newer products that offer the same illumination but use a fraction of the electricity. Depending on our client’s needs, PC Electric has a trusted team of technicians who fulfill individual interior and exterior lighting goals.

LED Conversions

Instead of replacing a company’s entire lighting system, it is much more cost-effective to consider conversions. These make it possible to use existing lighting fixtures and enjoy a cut in electricity usage. Any commercial business, including a shopping mall, office building, or parking garage, will enjoy the increased illumination as well.

LED Retrofits

Retrofits are similar to conversions and allow clients to use some older hardware. For example, a parking lot filled with halogen bulbs can be retrofit for LED lighting so that existing posts can be used with new fixtures. This allows a business to save money but improve the quality of provided lighting. When retrofits are used indoors, it is possible to create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere as well.

PC Electric for LED Lighting Services

If you’re interested in installing LED lighting in your business, PC Electric is here for you. Our electrical contractors are highly experienced in lighting for commercial buildings. We’ll sit down with you and find a lighting solution that best fits your needs and your budget. So contact PC Electric today for your LED lighting services, we’re happy to help!

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