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With age and usage circuit breakers and breaker boxes may lose efficiency or become damaged. There is a definite concern when a circuit breaker is tripped, or when electrical appliances or lighting fixtures lose power. Repeated breaker trips mean the circuit breaker is defective or there is a loose wire connection. The electricians of PC Electric will troubleshoot the issues to determine if circuit breaker repair service is required to ensure the protection of property and life.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

Circuit breakers make their home within the confines of an electrical panel box. Here they maintain control of the electricity flowing into a building. This panel distributes power to the various circuits located throughout the building and with the help of circuit breakers breaks the electrical connection if there is a malfunction. Depending on the age and use of the system, problems develop with a power system requiring an electrical panel replacement. PC Electric can resolve the many challenges that can arise.

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Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrades

The electrical systems in a building are designed to supply power with as little maintenance as required. With age or changes in power requirements, electrical panel replacement and upgrades become a requirement. If tripping of circuit breakers increases and the lights begin flickering or power cords start sparking it is a definite indication that the electrical panel needs professional attention.

Just looking at the circuit board will not help determine whether it will require just a repair, upgrade or replacement without a thorough inspection. For the safety and wellbeing of the occupants, PC Electric looks for further signs of failure in the system requiring an electrical panel replacement. Here are the most severe electrical issues owners face:

  • Circuit Overload occurs when too many devices are connected to one circuit
  • Miswiring exhibits problems caused by poor installation or past repairs
  • Electrical Shock is a sign of miswiring
  • Failure of devices to operate

How to Test a Circuit Breaker

Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping? Business owners and homeowners unintentionally overlook the serious problems of a faulty circuit breaker. When a breaker triggers a signal to itself disconnecting the electrical flow, it is a sign of trouble. Tripping a circuit breaker is not a common occurrence. If a circuit breaker is continually tripped, disrupting power to a facility; the cause needs to be determined and remedied. Common problems that indicate a bad circuit breaker include:

  • Humming sounds from unit
  • Arcing or visible sparks requiring immediate attention
  • Burn marks or scorching of circuit breaker suggesting a severe failure
  • Heavy corrosion on the ends of the circuit breaker
  • Hazardous humidity in and around circuit breakers

A bad circuit breaker is dangerous. To learn more about the signs of a bad circuit breaker and the steps you should take, read, Why Does My Circuit Breaker Box Smell Like It’s Burning?

The expert electrical contractors of PC Electric understand the issues that necessitate circuit breaker repair service, breaker box repairs, and electrical panel replacement or upgrades. Contact PC Electric today at 503-538-6033 for assistance with any electrical problems.


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