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LED lighting installation contractors in Portland OR Beaverton Tualatin Newberg by PC Electric ContractorsIf you’re looking for a more energy-efficient way of lighting your space LED lights are a popular choice. PC Electric is proud to offer professional LED lighting installation services!

What Are LED Lights?

LED lights are a method of providing light using light-emitting diodes which are semiconductors.

How Do LED Lights Work?

Unlike traditional incandescent lights that glow when energy passes through them, LED lights create a glow when electrons pass through the diodes. Commercial LED lighting can be professionally installed in:

  • office  buildings
  • showrooms
  • retail shopping centers and outlets
  • hotel rooms, lobbies, and halls
  • auto dealerships
  • schools and universities
  • hospitals and other health care facilities
  • and more!

Types of LED Lights

LED lighting is available in a variety of forms including bulbs and tubes. There are also LED lights on the market that can provide sounds and change colors. LED lighting installation can be as simple as switching out the bulbs in your lamps but it can also be more extensive. Some designs may need a new ballast to house the lighting or new wiring for a dimmer switch to properly work. This is why it’s important to have a professional perform your LED lighting installation.

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What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

There are many advantages to having LED lighting installation in your property.

  • Don’t emit UV rays
  • 100% recyclable
  • Energy-efficient; use about 90% less power than traditional incandescent lights
  • Longer lifespan
  • Provide greater illumination
  • Reduced risk of fires
  • Rugged
  • Controllable

Commercial LED Lighting Installers

LED lighting can be used in every environment, including hotels, retail stores, and even office buildings, significantly improving a business’s ability to meet its goals. The challenge with this lighting is the LED installation process. A successful LED lighting contractor is vital to the fitting process, and without one, your project may fail.

PC Electric excels in LED lighting installation, and we do three things that set us apart from other electricians:

  • We work with you to create a custom LED lighting plan. We ensure that every dynamic is tailored to your individual needs, and we do this all before a single LED light is placed.
  • We provide several different solutions, all tailored to your specific space. Whether it’s a large commercial building, or a small retail space, your needs come first!
  • We have experts. Here at PC Electric, we know that we can do it–because we’ve done it many times! Trust experience–it can end up saving you money!  


Here are some examples of our exceptional LED lighting installations:


LED lighting installation doesn’t have to be overly expensive or difficult. Contact PC Electric at 503-538-6033, and let our team of professional LED lighting contractors come up with your custom plan today!


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