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An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, offers many potential benefits. The planning phase of an ADU building project should always include an experienced accessory dwelling unit electrical contractor to ensure that there are no surprises when a family member or renter takes up residence. An ADU electrician can evaluate the existing residential electrical system and recommend an electrical service installation for the new ADU. PC Electric is a leading residential and commercial electrical contractor serving the greater Portland, Oregon area. The electrical pros at PC Electric specialize in ADU electric system installations. PC Electric offers free estimates and an uncompromising guarantee on all craftsmanship.

ADU Electrician

Portland OR area community leaders are encouraging homeowners to build accessory dwelling units to relieve the high cost of housing and independent living facilities. Not only do ADUs increase property values, they can keep a family together or bolster the monthly budget with rental income. Accessory dwelling units are compact, self-contained homes built on the same lot as a single-family home. Depending on the lot size and homeowner preferences, some ADUs are detached while others involve the conversion of an existing basement, attic or garage.

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Accessory dwelling units go by many names:

  • In-law apartment
  • Cottage
  • Granny flat
  • Mother-in-law apartment

  • Backyard cottage
  • Garage apartment
  • Guesthouse

Every family comes up with just the right name, but accessory dwelling units allow a family member or renter to enjoy all the comforts of home, including a separate entrance, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

ADUs require careful planning and consideration. Every municipality and county has adopted regulations for the construction of accessory dwelling units. There are often specific lot size and setback requirements that govern the construction of an ADU. Always consult a professional accessory dwelling unit electrical contractor before moving forward with an ADU building project. An expert ADU contractor will ensure that the electrical system meets code and works efficiently.

Licensed and Bonded Electricians

Secondary living units represent a unique urban shelter solution for Portland OR & Newberg OR area homeowners. New zoning laws now encourage accessory dwelling unit construction projects, but there are also many restrictions that need to be considered during the planning phase of an ADU construction project. There are even tax advantages that might make the addition of an ADU even more desirable. PC Electric is a professional accessory dwelling unit electrical contractor that employs only licensed and highly skilled electricians. Please call (503) 538-6033 to schedule a free consultation with the Portland area’s leading ADU contractor. PC Electric makes every building project worth doing right the first time.

ADU Remodeling

The electrical needs in the remodeling of an accessory dwelling unit or ADU will be determined by its size and location of the ADU on the property. Hiring experienced professional electricians who know the prerequisites for an ADU remodel helps in setting up a safe and reliable electrical system, whether it’s a new unit or unit being renovated. These prerequisites include state and local building codes, and the National Electrical Codes (NEC).

Evaluating the electrical requirements for the living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and baths for the ADU remodeling will be set up in the planning stage. The electricians will take account of the number of outlets and switches required in each room to accommodate the needs of the appliances, lighting and HVAC units. Checking the safe placement of the internal and external electric wiring is essential to meet electrical codes along with careful placement of the power box for accessibility. Depending on the size of the dwelling and its location to the main building separate metering and overcurrent devices will be required by code for the safety of the occupants.

Determining what electrical codes and regulations apply is the primary responsibility of electricians. As the renovation proceeds, they will sustain the integrity of the electrical wiring process for the ADU remodel to meet building safety regulations.

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