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Light Switch Installation from electrical contractors PC Electric in Portland OR and Newberg OR

In any home or business, electrical components may need to be replaced. You may also find that a room is in need of additional light switches. Typically, light switch installation wiring is completed during the initial construction of a building, but PC Electric can come into your home or business, check the circuitry to run the additional wiring required to add more light switches to a room.

The components of a light switch are housed in a small plastic box behind the switch.  The inner workings of light switches wear out even with typical use, and an unreliable light switch can even become a fire hazard. The professional lighting contractors of PC Electric can help with your light switch replacement and installation.

Signs a Light Switch Replacement is Needed

It is important to contact a professional electrician if you are experiencing problems with your lighting or light switches. Some possible signs include:

  • Lights fixtures do not come on
  • Appliances stop working for no reason
  • There is an arcing noise or popping noise
  • The lights flicker
  • You experience an electric shock when flipping the switch
  • Switch plate shows blackening around the edges
  • You smell a burnt odor near the light switch

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Avoid electrical shocks from mishandling electricity by utilizing the expertise of our experienced PC Electric team. With their experience and professional tools, they will determine if its necessary to replace your light switch. They can tell if the wires need to be replaced or if a new light switch installation is required. PC Electric’s electricians also check to see if the building is up to NEC and local codes.

Dimmer Switch Installation

Looking to save on your electric bill? A particular switch called a Dimmer Switch is utilized to replace the standard toggle switch. Light intensity can be increased or decreased, allowing you to control how much energy is being used. Additionally, dimmer switches allow for you to set a particular lighting mood of your choice. An electrician from PC Electric will be happy to help with this type of light switch installation.

PC Electric’s trained electric technicians know how to handle all electrical challenges to get the job done. Call us today or fill out our online form!

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