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When is it Time for an Outlet Replacement?

Electrical outlet installation in Newberg Oregon and Portland ORLike most home devices, electrical outlets wear out from years of use or improper wiring, signaling the need to replace your electrical outlet wiring.

Older buildings with out-of-date electrical receptacles can create serious hazards. As such, PC Electric inspects homes to determine the safety of the outlets and ensure the outlets are up to NEC codes for everyone’s protection.

For Outlet Troubleshooting Let the Experts at PC Electric Help

Building codes for home and commercial buildings have changed since electrical outlet wiring was initially installed in building construction. Testing older building outlets will determine if the outlets have been grounded according to NEC and county codes.

PC Electric’s trained electricians perform outlet troubleshooting to ensure the outlets are wired correctly and up-to-date.

Modern Coding Regulations

Wall outlets are required to have three-pronged outlets to ground them. Our technicians will ensure that all of these outlets are up to code.

PC Electric will also inspect that the building itself is grounded, increasing the safety of the occupants. Next, they continue outlet troubleshooting ensuring the remaining outlets are wired correctly with the safer receptacles.

The greatest concern for older homes is aged electrical outlet wiring which makes connections dangerous and causes them to short out. Consequently, there are six major warning signs that indicate the need for outlet replacement:

  • You Hear Buzzing sounds near an outlet or appliance in use
  • Fuses or breakers go out frequently
  • When in use, lights flicker or dim
  • Unusual burning smells
  • Discolored or charred outlets
  • Electrical outlet gives a mild to severe shock when in use

Let PC Electric’s experts answer your FAQs

Why is the Electrical Outlet not working? An electrical outlet may be wired incorrectly, or the wires have loosened around the connections due to overuse. Additionally, if aluminum wires were used instead of copper, they will deteriorate with age as they expand and shrink, creating loose connections.

Why does an appliance spark when I plug it in? Sparks are usually caused by improperly connected wires which create heat and cause the connections to fail. PC Electric can correct these issues in all your electrical outlet wiring.

What is that black color around the outlet? Most electrical outlets are made of plastic materials. As the wires overheat due to an overused or poorly wired outlet, the heat will eventually melt the plastic and create a fire.

Can PC Electric add additional outlets to the building? PC Electric can make the process of adding a new outlet easy and affordable. For example, if an additional electrical outlet installation is needed, or an outlet needs to be moved to a more appropriate location, our professionals will inspect and review your systems to run wire for the extra outlets.

Is it possible to install additional outlets for Christmas lights? Around the holidays, requests for an additional electrical outlet installation are not unusual. Whether it is for an indoor or weatherproof outdoor outlet, PC Electric will check the requirements and codes to add outlets that will be safe and durable for the many items used to help maintain your landscaping or lighting needs.

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