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Recessed Lighting Installation and Repair Services Electrician in Newberg ORProfessionally installed recessed lighting adds a touch of sophistication to any room, and the LED bulbs used in modern systems can last for decades. Recessed lighting also creates a more comfortable environment, as the lighting is less harsh than traditional fluorescent tubes. The highly experienced electricians of PC Electric install modern recessed lighting for residential and commercial clients, and we would love to provide you with long lasting, quality recessed lighting!

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are an extremely popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and garages because they provide direct light and take up little space. Most recessed lights designed for residential use are between three and six inches in diameter. They provide years of reliable and maintenance free service when they are installed properly. Proper installation of recessed lights includes making sure that trim pieces fit flush against the ceiling for a custom look and baffles, which are trumpet-shaped inserts, reflect and direct light as the homeowner wishes. There are many benefits of recessed lighting, including:

  • Long life: LED lights can last for more than five years, even when left on 24 hours a day! If they’re only used for 6 hours a day, they can last for up to 22 years!
  • Rooms feel bigger: Because there is nothing hanging down to interrupt the visual space, rooms with recessed lights can seem bigger.
  • Safe for bathrooms: PC Electrical Contractors can install sealed and waterproof recessed lights in bathrooms. This is an extremely popular solution for shower stalls.
  • Focused light: Recessed lights are perfect for workspaces like kitchen islands because they provide directional light.
  • Setting the mood: Recessed light units controlled by a dimmer switch are an excellent way to create ambiance in dens and home theaters.
  • No maintenance required: Sealed recessed lighting units are protected from dust, dirt, and mishaps.

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Recessed Lighting Installation Process

Recessed lighting needs to be installed carefully and correctly in order to last. Here is our typical process for recessed lighting installation:

  • Experienced electricians cut power to the room at the main breaker or fuse box before disconnecting and removing the existing light fixture.
  • Holes are cut in the ceiling, and new cables are run from the switch box to the holes.
  • Recessed lights are installed.
  • Electricians make sure that clips and other fittings are concealed, and then trim pieces are carefully fitted flush to the ceiling.
  • After installing the bulbs, recessed lights are tested, the area is cleared of debris, and any packing materials are removed.

Professional Recessed Lighting Installation

Installing recessed lights should be left to experienced professionals. Recessed lighting involves running wires in the ceiling that connect directly to the main line or a track. This must be done carefully to avoid accidents and prevent ceiling damage. When installed properly, there should be no need for painting or refinishing, and recessed lights will blend seamlessly into any kind of decor. PC Electrical Contractors can also retrofit modern LED bulbs to older recessed lighting units. If you’re interested in recessed lighting, call PC Electric today!

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