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There are many aspects of commercial buildings that must be continually updated to ensure that operations remain efficient and sales remain high. Lighting is one of the aspects that businesses tend to let slide despite the fact that it does everything from keeping employees safe to driving sales.

The reason for this tends to be the fact that many businesses believe that the only way to upgrade their lighting is to tear out their old fixtures and replace them with new ones. The costs for doing so can be prohibitively expensive.

As one of the leading LED lighting companies, we specialize in LED lighting retrofits. This allows your business to use some of the old hardware for your lighting while taking advantage of the countless benefits that modernized LED lighting fixtures can bring.

Examples of Our Retrofits at Work

LED lighting fixtures can be installed in place of older fixtures designed to use incandescent bulbs or fluorescent T12 lighting. By opting for this type of retrofit, it’s possible to save anywhere from 50 percent to 70 percent on your energy costs.

Parking lots are an ideal situation where our LED lighting retrofits can be used. We can use the old posts for lighting while installing new LED lighting fixtures. This minimizes the cost of electricity while ensuring that the maximum amount of light can be projected onto parking lots, which in turn keeps employees and customers safer at night.

Hotels are another area where our retrofits come in handy. Many of these properties tend to use the old style of lighting, which in turn can make rooms seem dingy and far warmer than they should be. Our LED lighting fixtures can minimize the heat created by the lights while ensuring that the room is as bright as possible. This can make a room look cleaner, feel larger and significantly add to the overall comfort of hotel accommodations.

Similar benefits can be seen with auto dealerships, office buildings, healthcare facilities and so on.


Learn More About What LED Lighting Can Do for You

To learn more about what our LED lighting retrofits can do for your business, contact us today. We can answer any questions that you might have, and offer you an idea of how our LED lighting can improve your business’s ability to operate while minimizing energy costs.

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