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Upgrade those Older Home Light Fixtures

Light fixture wiring and replacement in Portland ORWhen an additional hallway light, a new dining room chandelier, or flood light fixture wiring is needed, PC Electric is available. Although light fixture wiring appears simple, it gets tricky without electrical knowledge and experience.

Making electrical modifications without proper electrical training can create a dangerous situation for all. However, the trained electricians at PC Electric will ensure a safe light fixture installation that meets NEC codes.

Reasons for a Light Fixture Replacement

When the light doesn’t turn on, it is time for a thorough troubleshooting of all lines connected to the fixture. If the light bulbs or ballasts keep burning out, the light fixture wiring needs to be checked.

Many times, especially in older buildings, it is time to upgrade the aluminum wiring to the more reliable copper wiring. A new light fixture replacement provides greater fire protection. It is also safer on the environment with updated technology for remote control features.

Light Fixture Wiring Requires Professional Expertise

The skilled electricians from PC Electric take their time during a light fixture replacement to preserve the safety of the family and their property.

The dangerous nature of electricity is sometimes ignored by the homeowner, leaving them vulnerable to hazards. One mistake can generate serious, life-threatening incidents that can be avoided with the help of an experienced technician.

With light fixture troubleshooting, the electrician may find wiring that is out of code or improperly wired. Problems with wiring could lead to a fire or major short in the electrical system.

The PC Electric team can correct these issues and double check the wiring to comply with the NEC codes. The experts at PC Electric understand that these regulations are put in place for the protection and safety of the homeowner.

Upgrade that old Light Fixture

LED Light fixture installation in Portland OR and Beaverton ORA new ceiling fan or a new chandelier can modernize any room. With PC Electric’s experience, they will troubleshoot, replace and install any lighting fixture that is needed.

Ceiling fans and chandeliers look like an easy installation, however, PC Electric knows the proper mechanics and bracing required as well as the additional wiring that will be needed for that ceiling fan or chandelier installation.

Many homes built before the 1980s do not have the proper bracing or electrical wiring required for a safe light fixture installation. In these cases, PC Electric will conduct a light fixture troubleshooting on older homes that do not have the proper bracing or electrical wiring necessary for a safe installation.

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