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Ceiling Light Fixture and Fan Installation in Newberg ORCeiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are the perfect combination of function and style: they can improve the appearance of a room, while also saving homeowners money on energy bills! If you choose the right hanging light fixture to match your ceiling fan, the benefits double. The professional electricians of PC Electric have years of experience installing ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures, and they will provide exceptional service.

Hanging Lights and Chandeliers

Elaborate hanging lights can improve illumination throughout hallways, add style over kitchen islands, or add intimacy to dining room areas.

The electrical contractors of PC Electric can replace an outdated chandelier or install a new fixture in a room with no existing lighting. Hanging lights are a great and simple upgrade that can completely transform your home. PC Electric fixture under budget and on time while meeting the highest building standards and specifications.

Ceiling Fan & Ceiling Light Fixture Installation Services

PC Electric Contractors can add any size or type of fixture within your home. In some instances, you may decide to install a ceiling fan in a place where a light fixture currently is. Our electricians can help to replace any current light fixtures with ceiling fans, no matter where they are in your home.
Our installation procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • Removal of the existing light fixture
  • Completing any needed assembly
  • Installing the new fixture according to code
  • Testing the new fixture to ensure that it is operating properly and making any needed adjustments
  • Cleaning up packaging materials and leaving the area neat and clean

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Why Hire a Professional Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation?

While installing or wiring a ceiling fan is often seen as a task homeowners are capable of handling themselves, there are several good reasons to leave the job to a capable and experienced professional. Experienced electricians can assess room sizes and ceiling heights to make sure that ceiling fans have blade diameters large enough to provide sufficient cooling and will be at least seven feet off the floor after they are installed.

In addition to ensuring that the installation conforms to local building codes and meets National Electric Code standards, professional electricians will wire ceiling fans safely to avoid overloaded circuits and melted wires. According to figures from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the faulty installation of ceiling fans and other electrical devices cause more than 5,300 fires and 40 deaths each year.

PC Electric Contractors can safely install or rewire all ceiling fans, including those that are turned on and off by wall switches, controlled by pull-chains, or operated by remote control. If you are in need of ceiling fan or light fixture installation, contact PC Electric today!

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