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Lighting represents one of the largest problems for commercial businesses. From hotels to auto dealerships and parking garages, lighting tends to be both inefficient and inadequate due to the growing needs of businesses.

Installing new lighting fixtures may be out of the question for these businesses due to the costs associated with doing so. This is why LED lighting conversions repres
ent one of the most useful and cost-effective measures for the modern business.

Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting represents the pinnacle of lighting solutions. It provides an unbridled amount of light while using the least amount of electricity possible. This provides efficiency while ensuring that employees and customers can see everything around them.

Old halide lighting, for example, may take double to five times the electricity to create the same amount of light as LED lighting. When you couple this with the fact that older lighting tends to also create heat, this can exponentially increase the costs of large lighting solutions.

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Choosing Lighting Conversions Over Replacement

LED lighting conversions tend to be more favorable for businesses due to the fact that the old lighting fixtures can still be used. This means that only the components responsible of creating lighting must be replaced with certain precautions to ensure the longevity of the LED lighting.

We specialize in LED lighting solutions designed to be both adequate and efficient.

A retail shopping center may have adequate lighting that costs a large amount of money to operate. By opting to replace the existing lighting with LEDs, it’s possible to save upwards of 60 percent on energy costs while improving the amount of light that shines on sales areas and walkways.

LED light bulb/light fixture/ lighting solutions tend to be particularly advantageous for retail situations because of the directional nature of LEDs. Light shines straight from the source, which eliminates the light that tends to be wasted on areas that do not need to be illuminated.

Trust US for Your LED Lighting Solutions

We are experts when it comes to installing LED lighting. We specialize in providing modern led lighting solutions for commercial clients with buildings such as offices, shopping centers, parking garages and so on.

If you have a question about what we can do, or you just want to see how we can improve your business’s current lighting arrangement, contact us to schedule an estimate.

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