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The US has been experiencing an escalation in severe weather. Power loss to homes and businesses affected by the rise of dangerous storms or intense heat waves leave folks stranded for days. If residing in an area that experiences frequent power outages raises frustration levels and is expensive. Time and money lost are not always recoverable. A backup generator installation plan can cut back on those inconveniences associated with the toughest weather conditions.

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Is Backup Generator Installation the Best Option?

Why should I get a backup generator?
  • Permanently installed emergency generators keep the world running while monitoring the building’s connection to utility power.
  • A backup generator installation keeps key appliances and computers running lowering the chances of loss. Keeping crucial elements in the home and business running prevents loss of data, food products, and maintains the comfort for the occupants.
What does a backup generator protect?

Permanent generators which are directly connected to the fuel source provide reliable backup power. These generators offer peace of mind in any storm. An emergency generator installation keeps computers, servers, sump-pumps, lights, and refrigerators running no matter the reason for the outage.

How does a backup generator work?

The permanently installed generator’s automatic transfer systems keep businesses and homes up and running. These sophisticated power management systems are designed to help with prioritizing the cycling power between the necessary appliances, computers, ventilation systems along with lighting without the need to step one foot outside the building in dangerous weather.

The Next Logical Step to Choosing the Right Standby Generator

The professionals at PC Electric know which emergency generator installation system will offer the greatest protection electrical system and appliances. Before an emergency creates a problem, the experienced professional of the PC Electric team will identify the right size generator to run a home or business smoothly in any emergency. They analyze the needs of the family or business, the necessary appliances, and their power requirements to keep power running throughout an outage.

Gasoline Powered Generators are Inexpensive and Easy to Use

Gasoline backup generator installation systems are fueled by diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas requiring little human interaction making it easy to use. The newer gasoline generators are equipped with automatic transfer switches and integrated controls that generate power automatically when the power goes out. These self-monitoring systems run at regular intervals throughout the emergency period. They are inexpensive, and easy to use.
Emergency Power Generator System with Transfer Switch

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