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outdoor security lighting from PC Electric in Beaverton ORA security lighting system relies on outdoor LED lighting, motion sensor flood lights, timers & other outdoor security technologies to surround homes and businesses with an illuminating band of light. There’s no need to build a moat to protect family members and property. Security lighting will do a better job without the hassle and expense of feeding alligators or crocodiles. Motion sensor lighting relies on passive infrared technology to detect motion during the night. There’s a good chance that an intruder will run for the hills at the first flicker of light, but a motion sensor security system will also issue a warning to occupants. Security lighting will also improve the performance of surveillance cameras by increasing visibility and infiltrating every shadow with illuminating light. Smart timers make it possible to turn interior and exterior lighting on and off at prescribed times when no one is at home. Prowlers aren’t likely to risk being identified or apprehended if it appears that someone is at home.

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Residential Security Lighting

Every homeowner is justifiably concerned about the security of family, valuables and property. Traditional locks and alarm systems provide a basic line of defense against intruders, but a licensed electrician can install outdoor security lighting and motion sensor lights to greatly enhance home safety and security. Darkness is the best friend of prowlers and thieves, but a professionally installed outdoor home security lighting system can make any home or business an undesirable destination for criminals.

Security lights can also improve nighttime safety on walkways by preventing tripping and falling caused by poor lighting. No one enjoys searching for the keys or carrying groceries from the car when it’s pitch dark. Finally, a professionally installed lighting system can add beauty and stature to any home or business. Hire a licensed electrician to shed a bright light on life at night.

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