Outdoor Wiring Services

There’s nothing like a well-planned outdoor living area to host social events, family gatherings and neighborhood barbecues. Installing outdoor conveniences such as a hot tub, outdoor kitchen or home entertainment center is a great idea, but be sure to speak with a professional electrician during the planning process. A qualified electrician can provide professional outdoor lighting services to maximize evening enjoyment and outdoor wiring services to ensure safety.

Outdoor Lighting and Wiring

Involving a professional electrician during the early stages of an outdoor living area project is always a good idea. The electrician will inspect the existing power panel, recommend quality equipment and identify suitable locations for equipment installation. Special conduit is often required when adding a gazebo, hot tub, spa or some other piece of equipment to an outdoor living area.
Electrical wires and equipment must be installed in accordance with National Electric Code standards to avoid the risk of serious electrical shock. This is especially important when burying electrical wires near a swimming pool or hot tub. It’s also important to avoid the installation of water features near power lines, lighting fixtures or electrical outlets.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting can change every day landscaping, patio and pool areas into something magical. The addition of outdoor lighting in combination with motion sensors and timers can also improve the security and safety of paths and walkways. Most of the motion sensors paired with lighting detect infrared rays which in turn, activates the light. Motion sensor lighting is not the only kind of security lighting, flood lights and area lights are other methods of providing extra outdoor lighting. These are options that create light for a larger space.

RV Hookups

RVs typically use 30 or 50 amp shore power. It is important to make sure that your RV is being provided with the correct power supply because this can cause electrical problems if you aren’t careful. Many homes have 15 or 20 amp power supplies which is not capable of handling the maximum amps a RV produces. An RV can be plugged into regular home outlets, but you will not be able to run very many electronics at a time or else you risk tripping the circuit breaker. It is best to call a professional electrician for questions regarding a RV power source.

Hot Tub Hookups

The installation of flood and low-voltage lighting will add ambiance to wooded, hot tub and pool areas. Inviting a professional electrician to inspect a patio and backyard area during the planning phase of an outdoor hot tub area can eliminate avoidable safety hazards. There’s nothing more important than protecting the safety of family and friends. Hot tub installation needs to be a well thought out and planned process. It is vital to make sure the electricity around and to the hot tub follows safety regulations. Having an electrician visit your home to do an inspection of current wiring and electricity is an excellent idea to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your friends.

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