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Bathroom Lighting Installation in Newberg OR - PC ElectricNew bathroom lighting installation can replace old bathroom lighting fixtures, resulting in a more modernized and brightened room. However, safety always comes first. At PC Electric, we have the expertise, training and experience to get any electrical job done safely and efficiently, which will ensure that the fixtures look beautiful and provide the light that’s needed.

Installing Bathroom Ceiling Lights & Bathroom Wall Lights

Prior to starting any electrical work, the power must be completely shut off. To ensure that the power is completely shut off in this area, our electricians will perform the appropriate tests on the wires that feed electricity to the bathroom lighting fixtures.

  1. The electrician shuts the power off and checks all of the wires to see if they are still transporting electricity.
  2. When it’s safe, old lighting fixtures and any mounting plates are removed.
  3. If it’s new construction, a portion of drywall may need to be removed to install new bathroom ceiling lights.
  4. A new junction box and base plate are installed.
  5. The electrician completes any necessary wiring. If installing bathroom wall lights, the electrician will also ensure they are level.
  6. The breaker is turned on, and after waiting about 10 seconds, the light is tested to make sure it works.

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Hiring A Professional Electrician

While bathroom lighting installation has a step-by-step process that can be followed, not all installations are alike. If a home has been built before the 1980s or was wired by an individual who was not an expert, there may be inadequate bracing or improper wiring, which would make it unsafe to install certain kinds of bathroom ceiling light fixtures. By having a professional handle this type of job, it will ensure that all of the fixtures are installed safely and correctly.

At PC Electric, we can complete any residential electrical work quickly and safely. If you need to install new bathroom lights, or if you have questions about the installation process, contact us today!


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