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Burned circuit breaker. PC Electric serving Portland OR and Beaverton OR talks about why your circuit breaker box may smell like it's burning.

A burning smell from your circuit breaker can mean either a wire’s insulation is burning or the breaker is overheating and melting. It’s important to take action quickly because both of these problems should be fixed as soon as possible for safety reasons.

What should you do if you smell burning from your circuit breaker?

If you smell burning and hear buzzing, your home could be in danger. Either an improperly connected wire or an overheating circuit breaker can both lead to an electrical fire. So what should you do?

  1. Turn off any important electrical appliances in your home before you cut power to protect them.
  2. Turn off the power to your circuit breaker.
  3. Call an electrician.

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Is a Bad Circuit Breaker Dangerous?

Yes. The circuit breaker in your home is a safety mechanism, which is designed to “trip” and shut off the flow of electricity through a circuit. When your circuit breaker trips to the “OFF” position (typically because it has been overloaded or there is a short circuit somewhere), it cuts the flow of electricity to prevent a fire. However, if your circuit breaker has gone bad and doesn’t perform this function, your home is at risk for electrical fire.

Identifying if your circuit breaker is bad is best done by an electrician. Working with electricity can be highly dangerous and life-threatening. Hiring an expert helps ensure your safety and protects your home from the threat of a fire.


Why Does My Circuit Breaker Box Smell Like it’s Burning? serving Portland Beaverton Newberg & Canby

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