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Commercial Lighting installation services in Newberg OR and the surrounding areasLighting installation for commercial businesses requires the professional attention of a qualified electrician. A commercial electrical contractor has the experience and knowledge to complete the electrical installation to ensure the safe and uninterrupted supply of electricity that every business needs. The electrical contractors of PC Electric always provide the best service possible while also prioritizing customer service. If your commercial business needs lighting installation services, contact us today.

The Light Installation Process

PC electric has professional electricians trained to handle complicated wiring for commercial lighting installation. They know what to look for concerning lighting controls and save you money. What can you expect during the installation process?

  1. The first step is creating a customized plan that includes an evaluation and recommendations to ensure a safe installation that is up to code.
  2. The power will be shut off to complete any necessary wiring.
  3. Once installation is complete, the power will be turned on to ensure complete function of the light fixtures.
  4. The electrician will complete any adjustments and answer any questions to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Choosing the Best Lighting

Lighting in a commercial building is not only functional, but it also has aesthetic purposes within a space. Our electricians can help you decide what lighting works best for your project LED lighting are incredibly energy-efficient while using 90% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Additionally, LED bulbs can be screwed in to existing fixtures and they come in a wide range of styles, lifespans, and temperatures like a traditional incandescent bulb. Our electricians can even help install a lighting system that is compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi.
In addition to LED lights, our electricians can also complete the necessary wiring and installation of:

  • Wall Light Fixtures
  • Hanging Light Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Bathroom Light Fixtures
  • Pedestrian Walkway Fixtures
  • Modern Light fixtures
  • Security Lighting fixtures

Why Hire a Professional Electrician?

In addition to the actual light fixtures, PC Electric can also install the necessary lighting control systems for maximum efficiency. There are many types of commercial lighting control systems that allow you to control the brightness, and even color, of individual bulbs. One of the simpler methods is to install a light dimmer, which could be utilized for conference rooms in offices or dining areas of restaurants.

Lighting Control Systems

PC Electric has professional electricians trained to complete even the most extensive lighting installation projects. Serving the Portland OR and Newberg OR areas, the electricians will complete your project on time and on budget. Contact PC Electric today to discuss your lighting installation needs!


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